September 12th, 2010

#Practice 365: A Year Of Free Yoga Awaits

What can you make happen in 365 days? Imagine the possibilities that a year of free-flowing asanas could open up. We want to bring more yoga into your every day by giving you a year of free classes and Manduka products.

Enter to win and you could be one of the chosen yogis practicing any time, any where you want, on us.

• 1 golden yogi wins: a free year of yoga at any studio
• 3 charmed yogis win: a month of free yoga at any studio
• 5 lucky yogis win: $100 in Manduka Bucks for our products

A year of free yoga awaits. Click here to enter by 11/15/10.

September 10th, 2010

Mama Om: Shedding Light On Yoga For Mamas

By Latham Thomas

Light pours into a pale green room full of manicured plants and bare walls with the occasional Buddha or stick figure drawing mounted in an ornate picture frame. No sight of the phone, computer, or fax machine. All is silent as the cool breeze moves the sheer curtains and makes a faint whistling sound. I lie back over soft bolster, shut my eyes, and begin to breathe- focusing on opening my ribcage, feeling the expansion in my chest, spreading of my collar bones, and the opening of my heart. I turn my palms face up in Hasta mudra: a hand gesture that in yogic tradition reminds us to stay soft and open so that we can receive. This 15 minutes may be the only time I have for myself...but, hey I'll take it.

As a single mother raising a 7 year old boy in New York City, I often find myself entangled in the hustle and bustle of everyday modern city living. Sounds of buses, police sirens, car alarms, and boisterous pedestrians create a symphony of sounds that weave together in vibration....OM...As a yoga practitioner and teacher I am constantly striving to cut away time for myself in the midst of mama duties and career responsibilities. I recently started a pilot series of Mama Meditation hours- guided meditations for moms.

All you need is 5 minutes, a comfortable area to sit in peace and quiet, a nice scented candle, and you're set. Create the space for yourself to relax and focus intentionally on your breathing. Come to a comfortable seated position whether that is in a chair or on the floor with your legs crossed in sukhasana, elongate your spine so you are sitting tall and firm on your sits bones. On each inhale draw cool breath in through your nose, and exhale and sigh the warm breath out through the mouth. Do this at least 10 times. With each inhale continue to draw breath in through the nose, and on your exhales allow the breath to exit through the nostrils.

Choose serenity, choose peace, on each inhale, and release stress, tension and anxiety on the exhales. Quiet the mind and the ego- that voice that takes you out of the moment. If complete silence is not your thing, then focus on an affirmation- a positive thought that you can silently repeat as you sit; for example- "I choose balance. I am grounded in the present moment".

When you are ready to inhale, reach the arms overhead, and exhale the hands to your heart. Gently remind yourself throughout the day to stay grounded and balanced- remember when you are holding space for serenity, nothing can shake you from your bliss- not even a bowl of cheerios spilled on the floors you just mopped.

For more info on yoga & guided meditations with Latham visit her website and blog at

Follow her on Twitter- @TenderShoots

September 2nd, 2010

Featured Retailer: Yo Yo Yogi

Manduka is proud to announce Yo Yo Yogi in Portland, Oregon as this month’s featured retailer!

Imagine visiting 100 studios in just 100 days. Say what?! That’s the adventure Alex and Terri from
Yo Yo Yogi did Summer 2009. Starting in Seattle, they ventured south to San Diego with their Manduka mats in tow and coined the journey "have yoga mat will travel..." Now a bit more settled, Alex and Terri have recently opened the doors to their dream studio with a “come one come all”, playful and happy spirit.

“Slingin’ our ‘never leave home without it’, Black Mat PRO, and armed with the schoolin’ that yoga was a hell of a lot more than just a good sweat... we returned to our chosen land of Portland, Oregon to open our flagship studio. Here, our ‘most excellent adventure’ comes to LIFE!” says Alex.

Yo Yo Yogi...mind-bendin’, body stretchin’, peace-providin’ YOGA!

August 23rd, 2010

Free Wallpaper Downloads

We don’t just practice yoga on the mat, it’s part of our world. Our practice is there where we learn and play and grow. Keep Manduka with you in the background. Download free #practice wallpapers for your desktop and iPhone right here.

August 16th, 2010

Show Us Your Manduka

And we could show you $100 Manduka bucks.

It’s simple. Just snap a picture of you with your Manduka mat (don’t worry, this isn’t a photo contest) and share it with the community by uploading it here, or by posting to Facebook or Twitter. Every Thursday we’ll randomly pick a pic to win $100 Manduka bucks, good towards anything in our store. Plus, we’ll post a bundle of shots each day on our blog, so be on the lookout – we want your pose to inspire us all. Snap. Share. And you could be shopping on us. Share now

This promotion ended 9/16/10. Thank you for participating!

Best mat EVER. :) – Ashley Turner
Mary Jo in Crane Pose.
I love Manduka! Great quality for a life-long use.
This is how I do yoga now... extra challenge! :)
I loves me my manduka black cadillac mat - it's been a wrist saver
and I love to invert and arm balance every day - thank you for creating such
an amazing mat.
I went on holiday to Kyoto, Japan and brought my fold-up Manduka travel mat.
I spent a lot of time by the river and this mat works great on grass :)
LACMA Yoga: meandering and perambulating around the Los Angeles
County Museum of Art with my Denim eKo as my art-appreciating companion.
the manduka goddess blesses her creation
Here is my photo! Enjoy :)!
Downward Puppy
Poets pose on my Limited Edition Black Cherry Manduka
one of the finishing poses in yoga chikitsa, urdhva padmasana.
Me and my Manduka.
i (fortunately or unfortunately) am the yoga teacher who
admonished students in her inversion workshop, "you yoga mat is shit"" - and
directed them to purchase a manduka.

said the manduka would change their practice. 

i stand by those words.  sorry.  the other day, i forgot mine ... and
immediately noted the change with chagrin.  

learned my lesson.  manduka - don't leave home without it.
Already shared my fabulous new Manduka on FB back in July!
Hi, see my Manduka Mat and Manduka Cat, greetings from Mexico City
Child's pose on the kitchen floor =)
I take regular yoga breaks throughout the work day to roll out my
Black Mat for a pose or two or to lay in savasana for 5-10 minutes. Today, I
was inspired to get down and dirty for a "work frog" to stretch my hips,
shoulders, and chest and break free of desk "slump"asana.
Overlooking Bondi Bay in Sydney, Australia.  April 2010