March 22nd, 2011

Inspiration: # Practice Cleaning The Slate

By Eka Ekong

While looking over our facebook/twitter posts from the last remarkable week, I was inspired by our FB post on a fresh start. "Today we #practice cleaning the slate – it doesn’t clean itself. A fresh start comes from a conscious decision to renew."

I love my Black Mat Pro. There, I said it… It feels like I have been in a steady relationship with it for 9 years. We talk every morning, sometimes even in the evening. It greets me, arms open, no hesitation, holds me when I’m happy, and has wiped away many a tear. My mat does not judge me, or harbor any ill feelings. It doesn’t say “oh, good luck next time with that forward fold”, or chastise me if I lose my balance. Every time I step on my mat is a fresh start, a new beginning, a new hope. Each practice is a new possibility, without the luggage of the past. This is what my Manduka helps me practice.

Here are some notable responses on what Manduka helps others to practice:

From Runtaulbee
"I'm new to using @MandukaYoga and just love the new mat. #Practice feeling closer to the earth."

From Jill Lawson
"I practice what I teach and teach what I practice"

From ETL Yoga
"It helps me practice patience with helps me break down that wall-allowing myself to see what I have done"

March 4th, 2011

#Practice 365 Golden Yogi Winner: Carrie Griffiths

My teachers are always saying wise and witty things in class – of which I gratefully take note. I was recently in the middle of a class when one of these said teachers stated, “… better to come here to heal, than to hurt yourself.” While she wasn’t speaking directly to me, this statement did.
I have been fighting an injury since this past December. I did something to my hip. I don’t recall anything specific that caused it or even exactly when it occurred. I just noticed one day that my hip was hurting. Really, really, really hurting. I decided to take a couple weeks off to give it a rest. Exactly two weeks later I was back at it, expecting to do everything that I’d been able to do pre-injury. Unfortunately, I didn’t really feel much better.
Over the years, I’ve become more and more devoted to my yoga practice. I want to challenge myself and see just where I can go with it all. Manduka has sort of solidified this for me. With the gift they have given me, I feel happily obliged to take my practice to a new level. And I’m all ready to do that, except for this hip issue.
In the past month or so, the pain has waxed and waned. Some days are better than others. I keep thinking maybe I can outsmart it. I’ll just let it go, breathe it away, nicely ask it to leave. I’ll transcend it somehow. It can’t slow me down. But it can, and it has. And I’m left feeling quite frustrated.
Then along comes my teacher with her wonderful words, and she’s right. Maybe my body is telling me something. I don’t always need to be pushing myself to the limit. Sometimes it’s necessary to take time to heal. So I’m repeating this to myself at the beginning of every class lately. I think it’s helping. Some days are better than others. I’m just trying to relax and allow myself to take a breather. It will come together in time, I suppose.

March 4th, 2011

Featured Retailer: Veera Yoga

Veera Yoga, located in Roseville, CA, is a place where it's students come for a little TLC... Truth, Love, and Compassion, that is! A power vinyasa studio where it's community is encouraged to be honest, not only about where they are on a physical level, but how they are feeling on a mental and emotional level as well. A place where Love reigns supreme! A safe space where the practice of these principles is done with compassion. Compassion for each other, compassion for the community (Veera participates in raising money for multiple yearly causes and by frequently adopting animals at the Farm Sanctuary - a vegan inspired home for rescued farm animals), but most importantly it encourages compassion for the self. The staff and teachers at VEERA recognize the importance of honoring each person’s unique situation in any given moment. It is only when we are able to look at life's struggles through the eyes of Truth, Love, and Compassion that awareness grows and change is able to take place. A strong physical practice coupled with some chanting and ancient wisdom help to lower the barriers that keep us from living this authentic life. VEERA yoga not only welcomes beginners and advanced yogis alike, but offers a variety of monthly workshops including pranayama, healthy eating, organic gardening, Ashtanga and more! Be sure to check our website for details:

March 1st, 2011

Manduka Featured In Fitness Magazine!!

Our PRO-lite is ready for its' close-up... How do we look?

February 27th, 2011

#Practice Love- Yoga Love For Shelter Animals

On February 12, 2011, Sanctuary Yoga Studios in New York, held the charity event “Yoga Love for Shelter Animals.”

Led by Manduka Ambassador Ashley DiMeglio , Bill Rosenfeld, Theresa Mihalopoulos, studio owner Nancy Mahon jumped on board to support as well.

The mission was to raise awareness, funds and tangibles for the shelter pets at Hi Tor Animal Shelter in Pomona, New York. Ashley put word out to her friends and students and on our web site and Facebook. At lightning speed, we had a waiting list, as the event sold out very quickly. Everyone contacted saw the need to help and acted without hesitation. Bill put together an elegant animal/ Valentine’s Day themed warm-up, and Theresa followed suit, lullabying the class through a nurturing and thoughtful Savasana.

The cause was love. That’s what it boils down to… Sharon, our Hi Tor Animal Shelter representative was inundated with toys, blankets, food, feed bowls and $650.00 in cash donations. Once the yoga class ended we threw on some cheesy love songs and began our raffle! Manduka towels were flying across the room as winners received their gear. Everyone was clapping with excitement as the winners were announced. We saved the amazing Manduka mat for last. Wonderful yogis were crossing their fingers in anticipation as the winner was called out. It was won by Lisa Williams, a passionate yogini. The sun poured in, and the music flowed. Everyone was stretched, loved and balanced. Friends were made right there that day. Love was in the air and Manduka was a part of the yoga love.

Yoga helps us to stay compassionate but it also reminds us to accept ourselves and find compassion inwardly as well. Through acts of giving and charity we witness our own inherent ability to love and learn about ourselves.

What does our Manduka help us practice? Love for others, animals, and our supreme absolute: our true selves.