December 20th, 2011

Win A $1,000 Honeymoon With Your Soul Mat!

You’ve found your Soul Mat and we couldn’t be happier. To show our excitement, we are offering a chance to win a $1,000 Honeymoon with your Soul Mat!

To enter, share your Soul Mat story – and don’t forget to include a photo!

• Grand Prize: $1,000 Travel Voucher
• Second Prize: $300 Manduka Bucks
• Third Prize: $100 Manduka Bucks

December 13th, 2011

Will You Write The Next Manduka Lyric?

Some words are more than that. They resonate more deeply, awaken you to your own rhythms and inspire you from the inside out. Words encouraged us to do something different this year: for the first time we took the words that inspire us and turned them into the LYRICS collection, some of Manduka's most popular yoga gear paired with art and a message to celebrate yoga's most timeless intents. We're expanding the collection and want to use YOUR lyrics on our next piece.

Send us a word and a lyric to match. We'll take our favorite and turn it into the next LYRICS concept, with accompanying art by Tiff Seale. That's your message alongside of the existing NAMASTE, ONEness, OM and NOW pieces. This isn't for money, but it is for a chance to inspire thousands of yogis with the words that have transformed your practice. And we'd love to share your work.

Through December 31st, you can submit your LYRIC for consideration on our Facebook page or through Twitter. Check out the existing LYRICS collection here , including the new organic cotton, made-in-LA tees, for your practice beyond the mat.

Let us know if you have any questions, we can't wait to hear from you.

In service,

December 6th, 2011

How To Unroll A Flat Mat Every Time. Thank You Fit Sugar!

1. Lay your mat out on the floor, with the side you practice on facing up. To help you remember which side is which, you can write your name in small print with a Sharpie on the top corner where your hands would be in Down Dog (learn the basics of the Down Dog pose here). Writing your name on your mat is also a good idea in case you lose it.
2. Off the mat, walk over to the end where your feet would be in Down Dog. Squat down, hold onto this end with both hands and then flip it to the right so the side you don't practice on is now facing up.
3. Start rolling your mat from this end all the way to the top of your mat. The side you practice on will be exposed (as well as your name).
4. The next time you're ready to practice, hold onto the top end with both hands and flick the rest of the mat away from you, unrolling it so the side you don't practice on is facing down. You're left with a flat mat every time.