September 22nd, 2014

#Thisismyyoga – A Look At Week 1

It’s time to talk – and the conversation has begun. All week you’ve been sharing what YOUR yoga really means. You cracked the surface, dug in, reflected and connected to something amazing.

This is what happens when we peel back the layers and put our practice into practice. Thousands of us came together to bring #ThisIsMyYoga to life. When we break through the noise that distracts us from what really matters, on and off the mat, this is what it looks like…

Marissa, @learningtobalance

“This is where I come to clear the chaos in my mind. This is where I find my patience as a mother when it just isn't coming naturally. This is where I come to laugh at myself, honor my body, lay down emotion, and shed my tears. It is here that I accept the things I cannot change. This is where I have learned and continue to learn to speak less, listen more, and consider other viewpoints. This is where I learn to breathe. This is where I find my strength AND my weaknesses, and try to find balance between them. This is where I have learned to look at myself in the mirror and feel happiness. This is the coal to my fire. I am a trailblazer in the heavy brush that is life. This may not be a traditional path, or practice, but it is my own. Therefore, this is perfect. This is my yoga.”

Melanie, @melzors

“For me, yoga isn't just a way to see what the body is physically capable of doing on the mat. It's also about taking what I've learned mentally through practice and applying it to everyday life. The heart feels more full yet open, the mind is more aware and accepting and the feelings of gratitude and love are constantly overflowing both to and from others.”

DJ Townsel (from the NFL!), @dade2shelby

"Yoga is a way to tap into a spiritual, physical, and mental deposit that I didn't think was accessible when playing football or weightlifting. Yoga allows me to unify my mind, body, and soul. Mentally focusing on becoming a better person, physically focusing on becoming a moving work of art, and spiritually focusing on becoming a contagious inspirational force of energy that can positively impact the lives of others. A feat that I just knew wasn't possible 2 years ago, I have proven myself and others wrong by breaking the so-called "limitations" of what a man with my background, race, and physical stature is capable of. Yes, a black man from the hood that plays football and lifts weights daily is capable of being a force of spiritual energy that can twist and bend his body with the best of them. It is possible for me, and YES, IT IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU! Just believe in yourself. The body achieves what the mind believes!!!!"

Dee, @deedoby

“Love isn't something you do, it is something you are. Because love is a way of being. It is a way of showing up in each and every moment of your life, present and grateful for being apart of something much bigger than yourself. When you are love, you attract love.”

Nicole, @nsteward_yoga

"I was trying to think of a fancy inversion pose to post, but when I really think about what yoga means to me, it's not a fancy asana. I came to yoga as a way of quieting the vicarious trauma of my work as a social worker & rape crisis counselor. Being on the mat and focusing on my breath allowed my body & brain to heal. The more I moved physically on my mat, the more I learned about myself and how we can transform trauma into energy for the fight against injustice and oppression. This led me to yoga teacher training which has led me back, full circle, to trauma work. Yoga is healing. Yoga is empowerment. Yoga is a radical way of making us whole again; quieting the outside world so we can dive inward, making space for us to connect with our true selves and our community. While I love me a fancy inversion pose, my yoga spans beyond the mat, into the real world to help heal others."

Jesse Roberts @jesseroberts108

“Did you know about 40% of our Navajo Indians on the reservation live without tap or toilet in their homes? The water they do have easy access to is loaded with Uranium. You don't just ignore things to make them go away, you help make people's lives better. I am helping bring easy access to clean water to our Native American Indians. #thisismyyoga @mandukayoga @digdeepwater”

Jessica Biel, @jessicabiel

“To me Yoga means finding balance between taking yourself seriously and not seriously at all!”

Judy Greer, @missjudygreer

“#thisismyyoga hanging with this beast makes me so calm, happy and relaxed. Even when he farts.”

Christy Turlington, @cturlington

“I love asanas & mudras like the ones in this photo by #irvingpenn for #Vogue but to me yoga is about so much more than the physical. Yoga is union with all things, Self, All Other Beings and Nature.”

Laura Sykora @laurasykora

"At first yoga was strictly a physical practice or "way to exercise" for me... Also, I'd be lying if I didn't say, it was a way to learn some really cool stuff. As I've moved forward in my yoga practice off the mat, it has also given me strength and confidence that I never knew existed within me. I've developed FAITH in myself where there once was not a lot. Yoga has taken me out of my comfort zone and has molded me into the person I am today... A better person, wife, mother, friend, teacher... It has taught me to let go of a lot of bull that I've held onto over these years. It has taught me to BE ME... And to BE ME PROUDLY! Yoga makes me feel like a super hero everyday... One who can tackle anything in life and come out on top with a smile. #ThisIsMYYoga"

Jessica Glines, @jessicaglinesyoga

"25 years ago today, my sister passed away in an auto-bike accident. The following spring, the middle school we attended planted this tree in her honor. Thanks to a daily yoga and meditation practice this past year, I re-opened parts of my heart that had been closed since that day. I uncovered anger, sadness and grief that had been hidden in those dark corners of my heart. I realized that I had spent most of my life living in a state of fear. It hurt like hell to open my heart and I've felt the physical pain of scar tissue receiving breaths fresh air. I've shed more tears on my mat than I can count. Clearing out those cobwebs made space... I have felt more love and joy than I can remember. I am grateful. For healing. For love. For joy. For my heart. My dear friends, be grateful for your heart. Honor every single emotion you feel. Each one has its purpose."

Rocky Heron, @yogawithrocky

“#thisismyyoga: THE WILLINGNESS TO MAKE THAT WHICH SEEMS IMPOSSIBLE, POSSIBLE... AND HELP OTHERS TO DO THE SAME. This dear woman attended my presentation at the a Mega Event in Japan and seemed in complete disbelief of her ability to practice handstand when I presented the possibility. I came down into the crowd to show her it was possible, and the joy she experienced and the celebration that ensued amongst her community of fellow participants was incredible to witness. This truly is my yoga. I have also dreamed of traveling the world for some time now and finding ways to share and connect with cultures outside of my own, but this too has seemed somewhat impossible without knowing just where to begin and even if I was capable. This year has shown me that this dream is a possibility and that I do have what it takes to be of value to people around the world, and that despite language and cultural differences, the gift of yoga is one that can impact and benefit everyone.”

Bogie T. Bulldog @bogiethebulldog

“@ninitta walked in on me mid #downdog and was like, ‘what are you doing?’ And I was like, ‘dude, Mom, #thisismyyoga.’”

Camacha, @camacha_rees

"#thisismyyoga …When I arrived in Saratoga, the first thing that I did was walk into a yoga studio and it quickly became my temple. I started to breathe my way through my constant anxiety; I started to strengthen parts of my body that had become weak over the years; repair my organs. I started to clear the constant chatter in my head and I started to feel like a whole person again. The practice, the philosophy, and the gift of yoga slowly started to take over my life as I started to replace all my bad habits and negative thinking patterns with new, healthy ones. I started to enjoy taking care of myself and my relationships with others strengthened."

Michelle, @_nahaga_

"Yoga is healing. Through difficult situations I have been able to maintain balance around the center of the emotional spectrum instead of dropping into the extremes because of yoga. By incorporating the practice into my life through asana, breath work, meditation and the idea that yogic principles can be weaved into all aspects of my life, on and off the mat, my head, heart and soul have healed. With asana I find stability, strength and grace that I do not find elsewhere in my life. With pranayama and meditation I find balance, energy and peace that I can incorporate into all aspects of my life. In taking my practice off the mat I find connectedness, love, patience and compassion that have changed me in ways that I never imagined. #thisismyyoga @mandukayoga Thank you, Heidi, for asking me to participate @heidiyogi. Kellie, please share your yoga @doodledog."

Elizabeth, @twingirlsyoga


Lauren, @blueyedyogi

"#thisismyyoga – a fun way to work out. "

(and IN, we always say!)

Mchelle, we were so moved by your story that we’d love to gift you with a suite of Manduka gear, as well as send gifts over to Heidi, who tagged you and Kellie, who you tagged next.

Join us! Share your real yoga on Instagram or Twitter with tag #ThisIsMyYoga. Show your community what your practice is really about, and tag one other person to share theirs and keep it going. Let’s open our awareness together and dust off those values we may have forgotten beneath all the tangible and intangible Stuff.

As a thank you for taking this conversation forward, we’ll continue to select one yogi every week to receive a suite of Manduka gear from the new Fall Collection, plus gifts for the yogi who tagged them and the yogi they tagged next. Read more about #thisismyyoga on our last blog.

You can follow the #ThisIsMyYoga thread on our Instagram. Feel free to tag us at @mandukayoga when you share – we’re looking forward to joining you for another week of reflection. Let’s get back to the root, together.

With love,

September 14th, 2014

It’S Time To Talk. #Thisismyyoga

It’s time to talk.

Something has been brewing inside many of us for a while. We know you feel it, and so do we. Consider this: if an alien visited Earth to report back on what yoga is, what would they say?

That it’s moving your body around on a rubbery rectangle until you get sweaty? Or balancing on your forearms with your legs behind your head, going to sleep, rolling over and wiggling your toes? Maybe yoga is a heated discussion about stretchy pants and selfies and green juice.

Is this really what we want to stand for as a global yoga community or is this all we want the world to think yoga is?

It’s time to reflect and connect. What is your yoga? Is it peace under pressure or gratitude over grievances? Is it watching your baby grow up or choosing to love what you see in the mirror? Let’s talk about what yoga is – to all of us.

Share your real yoga on Instagram or Twitter with tag #ThisIsMyYoga. Show your community what your practice is really about, and tag one other person to share theirs and keep it going. Let’s see what it looks like when we stretch into our hearts more than our hamstrings.

As a thank you for taking this conversation forward, we’ll select one yogi every week to receive a suite of Manduka gear from the new Fall Collection, plus gifts for the yogi who tagged them and the yogi they tagged next. All of the season’s new gear is inspired by this very desire to reflect & connect as a global yoga community. The metallic mats that reflect light, the performance towels that grip to what matters, the bags that carry our practice into the world. They all came from this idea of putting our practice into practice.

You can follow the #ThisIsMyYoga thread with Manduka Ambassadors on our Instagram. Feel free to tag us at @mandukayoga when you share – we’re excited to witness what happens next.

August 25th, 2014

#Liveon Photo Contest With Yellow 108

We partnered with Yellow 108 and asked you to make your last moments of Summer memorable and share them with us. We received so many inspiring photos, but we had to choose only one to win a LiveON Mat, LiveON Sandals, yogitoes towel from Manduka and Yellow 108 Sunglasses, Scarf and Fedora (all from reclaimed materials, made in the USA). Congratulations to our winner, @adamkingman!

blue winner.jpg

June 15th, 2014

Kellar Primary School

Manduka donated mats to kindergarten teacher Angie Swearigan who seeks to dissolve stigmas and merge her passions for yoga and children. In her 12 years teaching, she has never found a better way to engage students than with the practice of yoga. They practice in the lunch line, at recess, at home, or wherever they have a chance. This next generation of yogis are continuing to are teaching their family and friends yoga poses and relaxation techniques. These small children are inspiring!

June 3rd, 2014

Community Is #Whatmatters

For our final #WhatMatters photo contest giveaway, we've asked you to show us how community matters to you. You've shared photos with us by tagging #WhatMatters on Instagram; we've loved looking through your posts and seeing what a joyous community we are all a part of!

We are excited to introduce our winner @annlevine, who will receive an eKO Lite mat, yogitoes Groovy Towel and GO Free Backpack. Congratulations @annlevine!


And here are a few others we love!