December 16th, 2013

Featured Retailer: Ebb 'N Flow Yoga

Where being able to breathe, be, let your fear disappear and feeling part of the community are staples. Your practice, your mat and you, become one. Let the sun salutations warm your body let the energy flow and your spirituality awaken.

Each instructor brings their own unique quality in their teachings. Born from experience is wisdom.

We wish to promote health and wellness and to inspire peace and bliss for many.

Ebb n’ Flow yoga was an idea brought into practice by a mother daughter team. When understanding the meaning of ebb and flow, consider that the entire cosmos is an ocean, and that all life lives within this sea. This body of water is made up of vibration, tides of energy that ebb and flow in natural cycles the same way the ocean does. As with all tides in life we ebb and flow, our energy, our spirituality even our personality ebbs and flows. It is important to acknowledge in life that there will always be changes, ups and downs, ins and outs, but to remember that their will always be an upcoming tide ready to bring you back to your true self. In our lives family has always played a strong role in staying grounded, and being true. Whenever I ebb too high she is always there to reel my head back out of the clouds, or whenever she flows too low I’m there to pull her back up to the surface. This comfort, strength, and confidence that we find in the ebb and flows of our own family is what we hope to establish here at Ebb n’ Flow yoga. The place for you to come to be grounded, to be well and to find ones true self.

Featured Retailer: Ebb 'n Flow Yoga
Featured Retailer: Ebb 'n Flow Yoga
Featured Retailer: Ebb 'n Flow Yoga

24 Response(s) to Featured Retailer: Ebb 'n Flow Yoga

On January 2nd, 2014 at 8:11 am, Vinyasa Chic said:

The concept behind Ebb & Flow Yoga is truly phenomenal! Just looking at the pics of the retail products is mindblowingly creative! I would love to flow at your studio! I love to see strong women be successful, creative and, of course, yogis!

On March 28th, 2014 at 9:31 am, Esteban Salazar said:

Krama born 9 years ago, giving to the population of the beautiful Costa Rica, sharing all this health, life style, today 9 years ago we move to our third location, having 3 amazing studios in the same place, building the largest studio in all Latin America, giving to our friends, family, community, Kula, more Shakti, more energy, more light.
We have a spa, and Holistic treatments, incredible restrooms, with all you need to make your visit a true experience, in our retail store you find literally a wide range of best brands in the world regarding Yoga, and to end having a royal experience, our juice bar, full of healthy products, and great company,
we are a family we are KRAMA
LOVE !!!!!!!!!


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