September 24th, 2013

The Unblok Party At Stellar Yoga!

There are places that specifically set us up to unblock. Freeing our bodies, energies and intentions. That neighborhood yoga studio that helps you clear your mind and make room for breakthroughs. Stellar Yoga in Vancouver, WA is one such studio says Amy Clayburn. Amy nominated Stellar Yoga to win the Manduka unBLOK Party Contest because not only is it her home studio, it’s a place where she can be herself, build her strength, relieve stress, and laugh.

We have visited Stellar Yoga and can now see exactly where Amy was coming from. Stellar Yoga is a progressive and dynamic vinyasa yoga studio whose mission is Reach over Revenue - they aim to enrich as many lives possible with all the benefits a yoga practice has to offer. The goal in each class at Stellar Yoga is to improve your flexibility, strength, balance and endurance while simultaneously allowing you to embark on the journey within - to help you find and tap into where your inner peace dwells.

On September 6th, Ma’i, the studio owner, hosted a packed house for an unBLOK party where her students gathered to celebrate her and the community that they’ve created in short time the studio has been open. Ma’i taught an hour-long class focused on heart opening postures and the students all shared how yoga helps them unBLOK.

One of the prizes that Stellar Yoga won in the contest was a Seva Scholarship to use in whatever way worked best for their studio. They have chosen to use that scholarship to provide a free class for the community on the first Friday of each month. The First Fridays unBLOK Party class will be a 75 minute vinyasa class followed by music, refreshments, fun, and laughter. The class is free as a service to those who are financially in need.

We are so grateful to have gotten to know Ma’i and everyone at Stellar Yoga, and are so excited to watch First Fridays unfold as a community class. If you would like to learn more about Stellar Yoga, or if you live in the Vancouver, WA area and would like to check out the studio, please visit:


The unBLOK Party at Stellar Yoga!

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