June 12th, 2013

Featured Retailer: You And The Mat

Denise and Eric Antonini are the owners and co-founders of You and the Mat, an independent yoga studio and gallery for yoga inspired fine art, located in Laguna Niguel, CA. Their collective vision is to share the art of yoga with everyone who has ever longed to unwind, unplug, and connect with a deeper, more authentic version of the self. Through You and the Mat they make yoga accessible to students, instructors, and the community through their daily classes, art & music events, "Support Local" and Master Teacher Workshop Series. Honoring yoga as a fusion of art forms, You and the Mat celebrates visual poets, melodymakers, storytellers, soundtrackers of sunsets and creatives who share its vision ~ creating moments of calm, glimpses of now, and flashes of inspiration.

More about Denise:

Denise Antonini ~ Manduka Ambassador
Dynamic, soulful, and empowering, Denise pours inspiration and creativity into her teachings, using her expertise in health psychology to elevate an ancient practice to a state-of-the-art yoga experience. Yoga is her art of movement, mindfulness, her art of attention, and awareness, her art of intention. At Stanford University Denise studied psychology and the mind-body connection graduating with honors. At Chicago Medical School her thesis and doctoral work in clinical psychology focused on maintaining health, improving quality of life and achieving wellness.

As a therapist, consultant and professor she has helped people create the life they want to be living. As a yoga instructor her invigorating, fluid yoga sequences challenge the body helping students to disconnect from the busyness of day-to-day life-- tuning in to their intuition by stabilizing the mind with the breath. Denise effortlessly guides anyone who comes to the mat to a place of meditative calm--finding the perfection of the present moment.

Visit You And The Mat.

Featured Retailer: You And The Mat
Featured Retailer: You And The Mat
Featured Retailer: You And The Mat
Featured Retailer: You And The Mat

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That Is the coolest studio!

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