February 28th, 2013

Now=Wow Giveaway | Flow And Glow

Know that post-yoga glow? The one that radiates off your skin when you get up from savasana and hit the sidewalk. You're a little brighter than you were 90 minutes before. Really. That glow IS special to yoga, and when your eyes are open to it, you can see it everywhere.

We're being present to the GLOW happening in the world all around us. Right NOW is pretty WOW, if we choose to see the magnificence of this moment. Maybe it's the sun rising from behind an old building, or a bowl of sweet limes fresh cut at the farmer's market. With the lens of yoga, and the lens of your camera, capture how Now=Wow – warm up to the GLOW and you could win the entire family of Manduka products that color.

Snap a photo of where you see GLOW in your world and share it on Instagram or Twitter using tag #NowIsWow, or upload it to the Facebook entry page. For every photo submitted, Manduka will make a donation to Off the Mat, Into the World.

For Inspiration, check out the POP, PULSE or SHADE that this community saw in last weeks' giveaways. Then get out there, flow and GLOW, and it might open you up to something much bigger.

More of the Manduka Spring Collection can be seen here.

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