June 22nd, 2011

# Practice Listening

I like to wake up early. The morning is such a sweet, peaceful time in my otherwise chaotic corner of Los Angeles. In these stolen moments I can hear the world outside my window, and am able to hear the nuances of life outside and inside of me. As these fragile sounds fall upon my outer ear I feel them within my heart. This got me to thinking, how often did we really listen? Not just to the sounds of nature, but even in conversations? Are we really listening or just waiting to speak? Holding our breath until a pause between words? In pauses, the grace of the wind speaks to us.. In listening, we can truly hear the heartfelt sharing of our loved ones, and be present in the moment.

My Manduka helps me #practicing listening. What does your Manduka help you #practice?

Here's how our amazing Manduka community is #practicing:

"I #practice being in the moment."

Eden Brown:
" My Manduka helps me #practice staying grounded."

Erin Forta:
"Tonight I #practice dedication - I'm planning lessons for the graduate social media class I'm teaching and I'm using the inspirational, excellent job Manduka does in social as a teaching tool. Your messaging is sincere and true to your mission - Manduka was founded by yogis on the simple idea that a better yoga mat can make a world of difference. For your practice + for our world™."

The Get In Shape Girl:
"Knowing that everything I need, the universe will give me."

Jennifer Radford:
"To lead with your heart. "

ETL yoga:
" Being a better teacher :) Being a better student. We all fall down, it is how we get back up that counts!"

"MandukaYoga is like the frog that needs to be kissed... And my mat became the love of my life. "

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