March 22nd, 2011

Lyrics To Go: The Rhythm Of Namaste

We recently launched our Lyrics collection, a fusion of word and image, and a celebration of Yoga's timelessness and intent. Words hold wisdom, reflection, and can help us to create the life of our dreams and our larger reality. With our words as well as our actions, we honor the divine light in ourselves and others. How does your Manduka help you #practice Namaste in words and deeds?

Here are a few responses on how some Yogis rhythmically celebrate the word "Namaste" in their realities:

From John Bowden
"Namaste means hello or goodbye, fix a friend a sandwich on Deli Rye, take the drishti to the third eye,eternal supply,forget the past and live in the now,respect the sacred cow,the know how,flow from right to left,up,down,front,and back,rooted firm into the ground the arms are up ,gaze to the crown,give thanks to all that have walked this road that have shouldered the load when the others were cold.."

From MaryJo Powrozek Rosso
"There once was a yogi from Kathmandu
who saw divinity in me and in you
the trekkers he'd see, were as special as he
and he is as special as you"

From Jill Lawson
"Free to be me in the 21st century, I play and I pray as the way of namaste, free to be me in the 21st century, I look within, it ain't no sin, in fact, it is the only way."

From Jasmine Arney
"Fear is a shadow
Hate is in the past
Trust is in the present
Truth in the light
Change is in the universe,
Namaste is the peace fight."

From Alissa Lesperance
"Namaste, yo. Bringin' respect from my heart. It's where we end and where we start."

Lyrics to go:  The Rhythm of Namaste

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