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On Manduka, my body relaxes, my breath deepens and my mind knows its time to surrender to being present.

-Delamay Patrick
Brighton, East Sussex, UK

yogitoes Grateful

yogitoes' Grateful towel is a playful, knowing homage to the spirit and ideals of the counterculture that gave birth to the modern environmental movement. These eco-conscious towels feature our groundbreaking, patented silicon nub Skidless technology, and will grip your mat and prevent slipping no matter how much you move or sweat.


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yogitoes Grateful towel harkens back to the counterculture of the 60s and early 70s with its bold and colorful tie-dye pattern inspired by the founding of the environmental movement and the first earth day. Grateful isn’t just a name, its an attitude, and this eco-conscious, high-performing towel features yogitoes groundbreaking, patented silicon nub Skidless technology that grips your mat and prevents slipping no matter how much you move or sweat. You will be grateful for this towel’s comfortable, absorbent, stable and hygienic layer between you and your mat, and the fact that it’s made from no fewer than 8 recycled plastic bottles and over 50% recycled fiber content. Grateful’s vintage, bespoke pattern is achieved using AZO, lead, and heavy metal free dyes to protect our workers, our customers and the planet. The joy of Yoga is all about feeling gratitude, and with yogitoes sustainable, non-slip, environmentally conscious Grateful towel you will honor the spirit and work of those who chartered the course to protect our planet and continue in their footsteps.


• 172 L x 60cm W x 0.5kg
• yogitoes Grateful Towel is an homage to the idealism and spirit of the early environmental movement
• Patented Skidless technology for non-slip performance
• 100% silicone nubs grip and keep towel in place on your mat, floor, or carpet
• Each towel made using 8 recycled plastic bottles
• 50% recycled fiber content means towels require 2/3 less energy to produce
• All dyes are AZO, lead, and heavy-metal free
• Light weight at 1.25 lbs and great for travel
• Supremely sustainable, soft, hygienic, and absorbent

use & care

Machine wash cold with like colors. Deeper colors may require multiple, separate washings to remove excess dye. Tumble dry low or hang dry. Do not bleach. Do not use dryer sheets, fabric softeners or detergents with fabric softener, as they will make the surface of your yogitoes slick.

Because some dye loss may continue beyond the initial separate washings, use caution when practicing on light colored mats or in light colored clothing.

Avoid rolling up damp yogitoes with your mat.

Place your yogitoes towel dot-side down on top of your yoga/exercise mat, carpet, pilates machine or fitness equipment.

Some practitioners start with a dry yogitoes towel, while others prefer to slightly dampen the areas under the hands and feet before they begin.

Use for all asanas including surya namaskar (sun salutation).
Wash separately before using – dyes may bleed - because we use dyes that are heavy metal/azo/lead free and much better for the planet.

green mission

Mankuka’s yogitoes towels raise the bar for performance and sustainability. Each yogitoes towel is made from (no fewer than) 8 discarded plastic bottles, (preventing them from entering landfills or polluting the ocean), which are woven into 50% recycled poly yarn content that requires 2/3 less energy to produce. Our rich, vibrant colors are created using AZO, lead and heavy metal-free dyes to protect our workers, our customers, and our environment. We use only FSC certified recycled paper in our packaging. For Manduka sustainability isn’t just a word, it’s our inspiration.

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