From The Heart

“On Manduka” a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

-Wendy Nations
Memphis, TN

The Black Mat


With its denser, thicker form, unparalleled comfort and cushioning, superior non-slip fabric-like finish, and simple, elegant design, The Black Mat will revolutionize your practice.

The Black Opal PRO - Limited Edition


Shine on with new Metallic PROs Let your practice glisten! Introducing our all new metallic, the Limited Edition Manduka PRO Opal. Go beneath the surface to reflect on the golden ...

The Black Elephant PRO


Wildly majestic and elegantly strong: the Elephant PRO is an unforgettable blend of misty greys with a subtle mauve undertone. Evolve your practice with strength and grace on the Elephant ...

The Black Luster PRO - Limited Edition Metallic


Shine on with new Metallic PROs

Shine brighter than ever before! Introducing our all new metallic, Limited Edition Manduka PRO Luster. Reflect with a starry, pearl-blue surface and deeply ...

The Black Siren PRO - Limited Edition


Inviting and serene: the two-toned Limited Edition Manduka PRO Black Siren. With a creamy, coral surface and an earthy, auburn underside, this mat is sure to lure you in and ...

The Black Devotion PRO - Limited Edition


Dedicate your practice and shine. With a new, reflective look for the frog and dazzling two-tone coloring, the Limited Edition Manduka PRO Devotion is unlike any other. Come back to ...

The Black Truth PRO - Limited Edition


Meet the two-toned Limited Edition Manduka PRO Black Truth. With a serene midnight blue top surface, and a fresh pop of lime green on the bottom, this mat is sure ...

The Black Drift PRO - Limited Edition


Relaxing and serene: the two-toned Limited Edition Manduka PRO Black Drift. With an olive gray top surface and smoky beige bottom, these earth tones will have you feeling grounded during ...

The Black Quest PRO


Embark on an adventure with the new Manduka PRO Black Quest. The dynamic bright blue surface is sure to take your practice to new places.

The Black Majesty PRO


Beautifully divine: The Manduka PRO Majesty commands a strong presence while adding a soft touch. The rosy, cabernet color is sure meet your highest expectations and deepen your practice.

The Black Bliss PRO


Cool off this summer with the new Manduka PRO Black Bliss. In a relaxing shade of blue mist, you’ll enjoy this soothing tone during your practice.

The Black Lure PRO


Captivating and enchanting: The Manduka PRO Lure will draw you deeper into your practice while adding a light and flirty finesse. Colored with a softly blushing hue of rose, everyone ...

The Black Magic PRO


Back by popular demand, the Manduka PRO Black Magic has made its return. Available in limited quantities, we invite you to fall in love - all over again or for ...

The Black Sage PRO


Fall in love with one of this season's Manduka PRO mats. This Manduka PRO mat puts an earthy and evergreen spin on the signature Black Mat PRO.

The Black Surf PRO


Meet The Black Surf PRO; a vibrant variation of The Black Mat. In a rich shade of oceanic blue, The Black Surf PRO is making waves. It’s your practice, dive ...

The PRO Squared


Your home yoga sanctuary, The PRO Squared is a generously-sized mat, big enough for two, and features the innovation and performance of the legendary Black Mat PRO. Best of all, ...