From The Heart

My Manduka helps me practice without distraction.

-Bart Fidlers
Antwerp, Belgium

Limited Edition Products

The Quantum PRO - Limited Edition Metallic


Shine pure joy all season long! Glisten and radiate like the sun with the Limited Edition Manduka PRO Quantum. This two-toned metallic PRO will set your spirits free with a ...

The Abundance PRO


Love with Abundance

Practice radiance! Introducing, the our all-new and subtly stunning, Limited Edition Manduka PRO Abundance. With a dazzling-purple opalescent surface, this mat is as unique as you. Reveal ...

The Element PRO


Explore your environment with the wild, yet serine Limited Edition Manduka PRO Element. With a rocky, grey-green surface and aquatic turquoise underside, you are sure to discover new places in ...

The Appreciation PRO


Show gratitude and practice abundance with the new Limited Edition PRO Appreciation. Stand strong on a sunny orange surface and a silky, blue-grey underside that is sure to enlighten your ...

The Insight PRO


Calming and inspiring: the Manduka PRO Insight with an amethyst-blue hue is a stunning sight to behold that brings clarity to any practice. Look within and practice with the Insight ...

The Sensation PRO


Passionate yet playful: the new Manduka PRO Sensation stands out with vibrantly rosy, crimson tones. Practice sensationally.

The Black Luster PRO - Limited Edition Metallic


Shine on with new Metallic PROs

Shine brighter than ever before! Introducing our all new metallic, Limited Edition Manduka PRO Luster. Reflect with a starry, pearl-blue surface and deeply ...

The Black Devotion PRO - Limited Edition


Dedicate your practice and shine. With a new, reflective look for the frog and dazzling two-tone coloring, the Limited Edition Manduka PRO Devotion is unlike any other. Come back to ...

PROlite® 180cm – Limited Edition Print


Now with an all new, one-of-a-kind, Limited Edition ikat metallic print, the PROlite yoga mat is a fresh alternative for people who like travel yoga mats with superior quality and ...