From The Heart

Manduka helps me practice.

-Sarai Harvey-Smith
London, UK

Limited Edition Products

The Abundance PRO


Love with Abundance

Practice radiance! Introducing, the our all-new and subtly stunning, Limited Edition Manduka PRO Abundance. With a dazzling-purple opalescent surface, this mat is as unique as you. Reveal ...

The Black Luster PRO - Limited Edition Metallic


Shine on with new Metallic PROs

Shine brighter than ever before! Introducing our all new metallic, Limited Edition Manduka PRO Luster. Reflect with a starry, pearl-blue surface and deeply ...

The Element PRO


Explore your environment with the wild, yet serine Limited Edition Manduka PRO Element. With a rocky, grey-green surface and aquatic turquoise underside, you are sure to discover new places in ...

The Insight PRO

€109.00 €87.00

Calming and inspiring: the Manduka PRO Insight with an amethyst-blue hue is a stunning sight to behold that brings clarity to any practice. Look within and practice with the Insight ...

The Sensation PRO

€109.00 €87.00

Passionate yet playful: the new Manduka PRO Sensation stands out with vibrantly rosy, crimson tones. Practice sensationally.

The Black Devotion PRO - Limited Edition


Dedicate your practice and shine. With a new, reflective look for the frog and dazzling two-tone coloring, the Limited Edition Manduka PRO Devotion is unlike any other. Come back to ...

PROlite® Mat 180cm – Limited Edition Print

€75.00 €56.00

Now with an all new, one-of-a-kind, Limited Edition ikat metallic print, the PROlite yoga mat is a fresh alternative for people who like travel yoga mats with superior quality and ...