From The Heart

Whether it's the feet or the hands, the Manduka gives you the grounding and stability to uplift your daily practice!

-Dimitris Papadakis
Attica, Greece

Kits + Gifts

New To Yoga

€82.00 €71.00

We were all beginners once, right? When you’re new it can be exciting (and intimidating at times) so it’s helpful to have the basic supplies to get started. The best ...

Classic PRO

€175.00 €144.00

Outside of linking movement with the breath, there is no set rulebook or series of postures to follow. So if you are looking for a fast-paced, dynamic style of yoga ...

Towel Medley

€45.00 €29.00

Accessorize and absorb more love with Manduka’s Towel Medley. This collection of three super-absorbent, grippy when drippy eQua® Hand Towels come in a variety of colors. These multi-purpose towels absorb ...

Traveling Yogi

€53.00 €44.00

If you’re always on the go, seeking adventure and eclectic experiences or are an urban commuter, here is everything you need to make your practice portable.

In order to ...

Go Roam

€202.00 €172.00

Enjoy the journey with Manduka’s yoga messenger bag, super portable eKO Lite yoga mat, easy to carry Recycled Foam Block and yoga strap.

In order to receive the discount on ...