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My Manduka mat helps me practice connection. The moment my toes touch my mat, I inhabit my breath, my body and my present experience.

-Andrew Baerthel
Ontario, Canada

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Franck Bessoles

Franck Bessoles

, Singapore

Why Manduka?: The only thing that lies between the sole of my feet and the Earth, whether I practice or live.

What does your Manduka help you #practice?: My Manduka helps me practice Life the way I am meant to experience it: everywhere, at every moment.

Yoga Style: Hatha, Vinyasa

Practice with me here:

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Franck discovered Yoga by accident, through one of these strange coincidences that Life brings along. As he awkwardly stretched in his first and fateful downward facing dog in Japan, a new direction for his life was sealed, which would take him from the cozy corners of the investment banking industry to the mats of yoga studios around the world.

Franck's practice and teaching are firmly grounded in a dedication to the laws of energetic and anatomical alignment, but also in the dynamics and spontaneity of the Flow. He sees each class, each encounter, as an opportunity to guide students into an organic and transformative experience, relying on prana as the ultimate teacher to invite his students to dance through life.

Franck is a devotee of Tantra, and roots his practice and teachings in an endless sense of freedom and lightness… all this, (almost) exclusively on Manduka’s eKO™ mat.