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The Black Mat® Pro is superb! I have never been disappointed by the Manduka mats I have used. I only teach or practice on a Manduka mat nowadays – it is my yoga buddy.

-Joseph Lee

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Eric Brown

Eric Brown

Annapolis, MD

Why Manduka?: LOVE my Manduka mats! I wouldn't practice on any other mat.

What does your Manduka help you #practice?: My Manduka helps me practice peace.

Yoga Style: Kripalu

Practice with me here: Crofton Yoga

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Eric is a former rocket scientist (really!) that has been practicing yoga & incorporating its philosophy into his life since discovering it in college 27 years ago. He has trained in the disciplines of Kundalini Yoga (Krishna Kaur), Kripalu/Pranakriya Yoga (Yoganand Michael Carroll), and Zen (Maezumi Roshi).

He is known for his relaxed, playful style and infuses his passion for yoga into each class. He encourages his students to take what they learn on their mats into their lives.