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A friend gave me the Manduka Black Mat Pro about 8 years ago, and it has been my favorite mat ever since. My Manduka supports my practice from the ground-up, which gives me the freedom to soar to new heights each time I place my feet at the top of my mat. My Manduka mat holds the energy of my devotion, love, commitment, and every daily discovery from my practice. There is no other mat out there that offers the same kind of support. I love my Manduka!

-Marni Sclaroff
Encinitas, CA

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Cypresse Emery

Cypresse Emery

Albuquerque, NM

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Why Manduka?: I find myself congratulating practitioners on their new Manduka mats like they've just birthed a baby. I just want to hold it and look at it for awhile. Meanwhile, my grandpa Manduka Pro doesn't get the looks he used to, but he is ever faithful and ready to roll out to any occasion.

What does your Manduka help you #practice?: My Manduka helps me practice perfect poise (for the most part).

Yoga Style: Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin

Practice with me here: Body Balance Yoga

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Cypresse has been practicing Yoga regularly for 16 years and teaching for 12 years. She teaches vinyasa, power, Ashtanga vinyasa, Yin and therapeutic Yoga to practitioners and teachers across Albuquerque. As a Professional Yoga Therapist through Integrative Yoga Therapy, she has the opportunity to work with a great many special needs populations and see the healing art of Yoga at work. Cypresse believes it is her job to comfort the challenged and challenge the comfortable. As such, she is always happy to throw in some strength, spins and flips in her classes, all presented with an emphasis on joy and acceptance. She is registered with the Yoga Alliance at the E-RYT500 level and is an ambassador for Lululemon and Manduka. Cypresse is forever grateful and offers all love to her many amazing teachers, mentors and students. Hari Om.