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Living out of my luggage in my 3rd year as a spiritual nomad on Tour, I am super selective with minimizing what I carry to the bare essentials. My green eKO SuperLite Travel Mat is not just carry-on, it's "carry everywhere!"

-Twee Merrigan
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Magnus Ringberg

Magnus Ringberg

Åhus, Sweden

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Why Manduka?: Go further than your body. Reach out of yourself. Let Manduka guide you.

What does your Manduka help you #practice?: My Manduka helps me practice SPACE.

Yoga Style: Vinyasa

Practice with me here: Space M: Studio

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Magnus lives in Sweden and has his own studio for training and body work. He also travels around the world teaching classes, workshops and teacher trainings. With his broad background of techniques he can offer unique sessions.

’I celebrate movement. I will challenge you to never stop exploring your untapped potential. Learn how to play with gravity, to create space and to move with ease. Your experience comes from a 360 direction. Everything you need is already within you. Say yes to unleashing it."

Magnus' goal is to inspire you to go beyond the gym and enjoy greater freedom of your body. His inspirational teaching is based of informed movement with attention to alignment. Magnus is known for his clear and playful approach to navigate to your edge and boldy dive in. For him it’s about constantly moving and the ability to transfer your body and to move with ease and effortlessness. Magnus have published books and has been working at the University of Gothenburg and The Academy. He holds a BAppSc in Physiotherpay.