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My Manduka products have stood the march of time, seeing me through countless practices, classes and workshops, like good friends helping me each step at a time. That the company is as committed to providing the community with the highest quality materials as it is to the environment makes them one I am happy to support.

-Angela Tomassetti
Chicago, IL

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Luke Baugh

Luke Baugh

Lewiston, ID

Why Manduka?: I have had three mats in my life. The last two I got were the PROlite™ and Black Mat® PRO. Great! The mat is not the point of my practice, so I am happy to get it done with and move on to my A's and B's, you know?

What does your Manduka help you #practice?:

Yoga Style: Ashtanga

Practice with me here: L C Yoga Center

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Luke Baugh is a practitioner of Ashtanga Yoga. His teacher, David Garrigues, is at this time his major influence for practice.

Luke opened the L C Yoga Center ( in Lewiston, Idaho, in 2008. He started several yoga programs in the local area where he teaches yoga to people of all ages and abilities utilizing what he learned doing Ashtanga (yes Ashtanga!!!! for everyone!!!). He holds several classes each day, some of which are for people with Multiple Sclorosis, which keeps him occupied and intrigued.