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Manduka helps me practice.

-Sarai Harvey-Smith
London, UK

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Jane Patterson

Jane Patterson

Charlotte, NC

Why Manduka?: My mat is: a launch pad, a safety net, a diving board, a blank canvas, a dance floor, a cocoon, a cliff, a home... and more...

What does your Manduka help you #practice?: My Manduka mat helps me practice effort and surrender.

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Practice with me here: Y2 Yoga

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Iʼve been a student of asana for 5 years, and a student of yoga for 25. For as many
years as Iʼve been alive, Iʼve been studying the human experience. We all have. The
beautiful thing about yoga is that it gives us a lovely set of tools with which to improve
that experience. To make it more comfortable, more joyful, more peaceful. That is not
to say that discomfort, pain, or stress disappear. They donʼt. They are a necessary part
of life (think: childbirth, death, etc. : INEVITABLE). So if pain and stress are going to
happen, the smartest thing we can do is get really good at dealing with them. To me,
this is one of the most profound and yet simplest benefits of our time on the mat. So
next time youʼre in warrior III for a long hold, and your glutes feel like they are going to
burn off and your feet are screaming, remember that practice makes perfect. Breathe.
Stay calm. Know that this discomfort is part of the practice and is oh so beneficial. And
the next time you experience pain off the mat, know that you will be better equipped to
handle it.
My first few years of asana practice were spent in Santa Monica, CA, flowing with the
beautiful Govindas and Radha. I also studied deeply with Andrey Lappa, received his
Level 2 Teacherʼs Certification, traveled with him as an assistant, and was fortunate to
be able to do a solitary 3 month retreat under his supervision in Nepal. Since moving to
Charlotte I have had the pleasure of practicing, and now teaching at Y 2 Yoga.
Iʼm grateful to be surrounded by people who take time out of their daily lives to roll out
their mats and explore themselves.