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Living out of my luggage in my 3rd year as a spiritual nomad on Tour, I am super selective with minimizing what I carry to the bare essentials. My green eKO SuperLite Travel Mat is not just carry-on, it's "carry everywhere!"

-Twee Merrigan
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Sarah Tv Russell

Sarah Tv Russell

Denver, CO

Why Manduka?: Best mat EVER! I'm very impressed that my sweating little hands don't slide out from under me on this mat. It's the only one after an intense asana practice that keeps me from slipping out of my downward facing dog!

What does your Manduka help you #practice?:

Yoga Style: PreNatal, Vinyasa

Practice with me here: Breathe Denver

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Sarah is the founder of Breathe, the city’s only yoga & spin studio. It is unique urban boutique housing yoga, spin & cycling, and art exhibitions, the perfect balance and blend of artistry of body, mind and soul. Her cultivation of this only fueled the studio’s mission to create a holistic space for transformation. Sarah was turned on to yoga through a college elective 10 years ago and has been on the mat ever since. She is known for her ever-evolving and unfolding flow style with Tantric influence. Her teaching is playful, fun and energetic, allowing the new beginner and the experienced yogi to practice side by side. When not practicing in Denver, she can be found wandering the globe with her mat in tow.