July 12th, 2011

Featured Retailer: Sukha Yoga In The Uk

Whilst trying and failing to find a new yoga mat Nicky Samuel decided to launch Sukha Yoga, a UK based ecommerce site selling the best yoga products she could find. Nicky searched at length for the ideal range of yoga mats; a search which finally lead her to Manduka. Nicky has been committed to Manduka ever since.

Sukha Yoga is currently celebrating its second birthday with a loyal customer base who value Nicky’s knowledge of Manduka’s products.

As Nicky says ‘my customers are the reason I do what I do! I get such fantastic feedback from my customers who love their Manduka products.’

‘ Taking Manduka mats to the Yoga Show in 2010 was the highlight of a very busy year for us. We met so many happy customers who took the time to stop and say hi. Selling a product that I believe in is of the utmost importance to me.’

‘I will not stock a product that I have not tried personally. I took the Manduka Superlite on a yoga holiday to Turkey last year and have just returned from Marrakech where I put the Manduka eKO yoga mat through its paces in hot and dusty conditions.’

Image Dory Walker, yoga teacher, and Nicky Samuel on the roof of Tigmi, at the foot of the Atlas Mountains.

May 13th, 2011

Featured Retailer: Bandera Organic

Bandera Organic
- Promoting yoga and mindfullness in Norway

Bandera Organic was founded in 2006 by Rita M. Jensen as a balanced alternative to a career in an advertising agency. She was more and more attracted to making green business and practising yoga, and established her company as an organic webshop, providing brands with a green, concious profile. Bandera Organic has distributed Manduka yoga mats through, trade fairs and events since 2008, and by 2011 Manduka is the major brand in the company.

Bandera Studio of Mindfullness
This year Bandera Organic will take the next step in it´s vision and open a studio of mindfullness and green values near Oslo in Norway. The studio will give yoga instructors a nice location for courses, in a balanced organic atmosphere. The Studio will be a combined showroom, shop and juicebar. A chillout area were you can practice, buy your gear, and discuss green values while you discover the art of juicing.

Promoting through amabassadors
Bandera Organic are communicating Manduka with established yoga instructors and companies at different levels. It is very important for us to implement both Manduka and Bandera Organic as symbols of quality, high service and knowledge. We are very serious about our profile, says Rita M. Jensen.

March 14th, 2011

Featured Retailer: Yogamatters

Yogamatters was born in 1996 when yoga teacher, Paul Walker sold yoga mats out of the boot of his car. Today, Yogamatters is the largest yoga retailer, providing yogis worldwide with thousands of products that will help serve their yoga journey.

Yogamatters are committed to offering the best customer service and value for money – delivering almost anywhere in the world to fulfill this. Comprised of practicing yoga teachers (there are seven working at Yogamatters), beginners and long-term yoga lovers, the Yogamatters team actively participate in the yoga community and enjoy sharing their passion for yoga in support of their customers. With such a vast range of yoga practice, experience and styles between them, the Yogamatters team pride ourselves on an integrity and expertise unrivalled in the yoga marketplace.

Although Yogamatters cater to customers all over the world, they also have a shop in North London where many customers while away the day browsing the book collection or testing out mats in the Yogamatters in-house yoga studio. They love meeting their customers, so if you’re in the area do pay them a visit.

2011 marks Yogamatters’ 15th birthday and they’ll be celebrating with special promotions and events throughout the year – why not sign up to their monthly newsletter so you don’t miss out?

February 10th, 2011

Featured Retailer: Yogashala Stockholm

Yogashala Stockholm is an autenthic ashtangayoga studio that follows the traditional method as taught in Mysore by Sri K Pattabhi Jois, R.Sharat Jois and Saraswati. Comitted, professional with highly experienced teachers, Yogashala Stockholm is one of the biggest ashtangayoga schools in Sweden. The studio was founded in year 1999 by Maria Boox. Since July 2009 it´s owned and run by the sisters Lisa and Lotta Lalér.

December 22nd, 2010

Featured Retailer: Shanti Yoga Store

Two years ago we thought something had to change in vienna. All our yogi-friends came home from their holidays with brandnew things in their bags and we got no chance to get them around here. So we decided not to go on a holiday but to open up a shop, which is the only yogashop in vienna and austria so far. We offer not only mats and other supplies but also trying to cultivate a yoga community in vienna and austria. If you are searching for a mat or the right teacher for you, we got everything you need. After two years we are still up and running and proud of it.