February 20th, 2013

Now. Is.Wow

Take a deep breath. Allow yourself to notice how it feels. This moment you are experiencing will never be again. Every moment, just like a breath, is distinct and unique. When was the last time you breathed just for the enjoyment of breathing? When was the last time you paused and basked in nature around you and the sky above? The leaves of the trees, the cloud patterns, and the surrounding atmosphere will never be that way again. You are even different now than you were a few seconds ago.

We think as we move from day to day, month to month, year to year, everything remains the same. We measure our life in increments of time and a belief that once we have something or get somewhere else, then we’ll be happy. Then.

What if our happiness was created by how conscious we were in this moment? Wherever you go it is now. Take a deep breath. Taste it. Enjoy it. Embrace the present as the gift it is.

This moment is powerful. This moment is beautiful. This moment is all there is. This moment is yours.

What will you do with your Now?

February 14th, 2013

See The Pop In Your World | Now=Wow

This Spring we're challenging you to see the extraordinary in this moment – to find the remarkable hiding right before your very eyes. If we choose to be present to it, NOW has a lot of WOW. So to help inspire you, every week we're giving away Manduka color collections from our Spring line.

Last week was POP, and we were so moved by all the beautiful ways you saw POP in your world that we wanted to share them here:

By Melanie (@melsavoie on Instagram), who won last week's POP contest and the entire family of Manduka mats, towels and accessories in POP.

Here are some of our other favorites!


Holli Pepper

Jacquie Winiecki

Jenn Scott

Melissa Howey

Steve Gold (@stevegoldmusic)

Veronica Haskell

Stay tuned for next week's theme: PULSE.

February 14th, 2013

Now=Wow Giveaway | On Pulse With The World

Today brings a new chance to fall in love with this world. Somehow here in the middle of February, our hearts beat a little louder, our thoughts feel a little warmer and love feels a little stronger. That's the PULSE of this time of year.

And that's what we're celebrating. This moment. It's quite remarkable, if we're open to seeing it. Yoga helps us be present to life's rhythms – from the breath in our lungs to our feet on the street. Yoga is like a new lens for seeing the world, and we're challenging you to use this lens, and the lens on your camera, to capture how Now=Wow.

Go out into your world and see the PULSE of it – just like our new Spring Collection color. Snap a photo and upload it to Instagram or Twitter with tag #NowIsWow, or upload to the Facebook entry page. Then we'll collect your photos into galleries and select one yogi to win the entire family of Manduka products in PULSE.

For each photo entry or tag, Manduka will donate $1 to Off the Mat, Into the World. A non-profit organization inspiring leaders who are fully present. So get out there, start being present to the PULSE in your world, and you might discover something much greater.

December 17th, 2012

Yogi Of The Week: Ashley

Meet Ashley.

Ashley was teaching her regular vinyasa class and demonstrating Cobra pose. But at 8 months pregnant, there are some poses the body (well, mostly just the belly) won't do in the traditional sense. Ashley had this realization about a moment after it was too late to do anything about it. She went from Cobra to Nobra, tipping over uncontrollably in front of the whole class. Instead of getting upset, she immediately burst into laughter, and her whole class laughed as well.

That's when she knew her yoga practice wasn't going to be about "advanced" asana anymore. She let it go, making room for the new chapter in her life and the little miracle growing in her belly that would change it forever.

Ashley's yoga has come into a whole new journey deep in the mind, paying close attention to her thoughts and focus. She now feels more love and respect for her body and chooses to dedicate every practice to her growing family.

We loved learning about Ashley! And we can’t wait to learn about you. Tell us about yourself on our You Series page, at

December 14th, 2012

#Practice Processing

Today, we #practice processing. When your heart breaks, sit there with all the pieces. Don't try to put them back together, or pretend everything is alright. In the shadow of immense tragedy, it's ok to be shaken, to be angry. To be sad, to be speechless..

How we heal will be a process. How we live, love, and treat each other is the practice.