July 25th, 2013

#Innergps Giveaway: Visit Another State (Of Mind)

We all have an “inner GPS,” the guiding intuition that tells us when we need to take a break or take a chance. But when we get distracted by routine, it’s harder to hear that internal voice telling us to merge ahead. So this is a call to relearn how to find, hear and follow your innerGPS and let it lead you to the most spectacular place you’re supposed to be.

Last week, you set out for the Thrill of Adventure. Setting yourself up to experience courage, learning to trust your heart so it becomes easier to follow. We love your #innerGPS Instagrams – here are a few of our favorites from last week’s Thrill of Adventure theme, including our winner @kellyard23, who takes home a ready-for-anywhere eKO Superlite Mat, eQua Hand Towel and Practice Journal.

Here is the photo from our winner, @kellyard23, plus a few of our other favorite #innerGPS Instagrams:

By @kellyard23, who won last week's #innerGPS contest.

Here are some of our other favorites!









And now we start our last Inner GPS Giveaway theme: Another State (of mind). Go somewhere unfamiliar – an experience or environment way outside your repertoire. Put yourself in a new situation so that you can think and see differently. It could be a literal place, like Utah or that super authentic Laotian restaurant. It could be a spiritual place, like the view from Savasana. Show us your world from ‘Another State’ on Instagram using hashtag #innerGPS and you could win Manduka gear to support your journey: the classic Black Mat PRO and MatSak in Shade.

Here’s to recalibrating your route,

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