January 4th, 2011

#Practice Inspiration

A very ‘off the mat’ piece in today’s Colorado Springs Gazette on slowing down. “Can you go slow when you’re back in your work pants and heels? Can you breathe deeply when you have to wait through three cycles of a traffic light?” We completely understand – this takes #practice.

The lone Indian in yoga class. Did you hear this fascinating piece on @MorningEdition today?

‘The sweet simplicity of OM’ - @Yoga Journal blogs remind us to keep it real and come back to what matters.

Today we practice gratitude – telling the people in our lives how much they mean because gratitude only does good when it is expressed. What does Manduka help you #practice?

‘Extreme Yoga Positions’ in today’s @LA Times. Love the amazing things the human body can do. If photo 10 looks familiar, it’s because Manduka was there. Some images are ‘extreme’ because of contortionism, some are extreme because of who or where they feature. Still beautiful to look at.,0,200639.photogallery

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