How to Stop Slipping on Your Yoga Mat

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How to Stop Slipping on Your Yoga Mat

How to Stop Slipping on Your Yoga Mat

As we say at Manduka, slip happens. And there are a few things you can do to reduce or stop slipping on your yoga mat.

First and foremost, make sure your mat is properly broken in. For Manduka PRO mats, we recommend using a coarse sea salt remedy to break the mat in. See more details on that process here - How to Break in Your Manduka PRO Yoga Mat). You may consider doing this a few times to fully break in your mat. The sea salt method combined with regular use will break in your mat.

If your mat is broken in, then there are some additional tips to keep in mind during your yoga practice to keep yourself from slipping on your yoga mat.

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Slip Guide Manduka

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Tip #1 for No More Yoga Mat Slip: Keep a Firm Foundation

In positions like downward dog, distribute weight evenly by pressing firmly through widely spread fingers and toes. Doing this will strengthen your entire pose and take unnecessary pressure off joints, and therefore help you to stop slipping on your yoga mat.

Tip #2: Engage Your Core

When your core is relaxed, your body compensates by adding pressure in unnecessary places, often causing slippage. Activate and strengthen core muscles by flexing your lower belly with each breath.

Tip 3#: Break in Your Mat

As we mentioned earlier in this post, breaking in your yoga mat is a common solution for how to stop slipping on your yoga mat. Like most athletic gear, high performance yoga mats can take some time to break in - and during that period, slippage can strike. The best way to speed up the process? Practice more.

Tip #4: Clean the Right Way

Using multipurpose cleaners or body soaps on mats leaves a film that promotes slippage. Keep mats fresh and film-free by using a proper yoga mat cleaner after each practice. Also, keep mats away from the washing machine and shower! Do not submerge in water. We repeat. Do not submerge.

Tip #5: Skip the Lotions

Certain things you put on your body can affect its chemistry and how much oil and moisture it produces. Avoid using products earlier in the day, which can resurface with sweat and make it more difficult to grip your mat.

Tip #6: Grab a Towel

At some level, everyone benefits from the use of a performance yoga towel to absorb sweat (from both you and your mat) and to help keep your practice in place. A performance yoga towel is your best bet when it comes to calming the sweat storm. It’s a win-win. A yoga performance towel absorbs sweat so your mat won’t. In more than one way, this tip helps you to stop slipping on your yoga mat. Choose a towel with technology that does the work for you, like silicon nubs or gripping microfibers.

We hope that these tips have helped answer the question “how to stop slipping on your yoga mat” and will make your yoga practice even better.



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